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Ophthalmology - Cataracts - Glaucoma - Retina - Eye Exams

Elizabeth Crandall MD

Board Certified Ophthalmologist


Ever since she was 15, she wanted to be a Doctor.  Volunteering at Dekalb Medical in Atlanta, GA, she set her sights on that goal and never looked back or wavered.  Dr. Crandall made her way into Emory University for her undergraduate degree, despite her coming from a working class background.  She knew that in order to reach her dreams, she needed to attend the best possible schools she could.  After Emory, she was warmly accepted into Mercer’s School of Medicine.  During her Medical School career, she learned a lot about the need for rural physicians in Georgia, which unbeknownst to her would eventually drive her to open a rural practice in Jesup.

During her last two years at Mercer in the Savannah, GA campus, she started to work towards figuring out what kind of Dr. she wanted to be.  During that time she had an opportunity to rotate through Georgia Eye’s campus.  While there she noticed how warm, friendly and just happy the Dr’s were working in Ophthalmology.  She often referred to it as the “white cloud” when she went there since it lifted her spirits from the demanding medical school curriculum.

She would then apply to Ophthalmology residency programs all over the country.  Eastern Virginia Medical School gladly accepted her into their Ophthalmology program.  While there, she learned all aspects of ophthalmology and received extensive specialty training most often reserved for fellowships.  Due to the nature of the program, she had over 50 instructors, all working Ophthalmologists in all specialties to consult, follow and learn from.  While there she developed a Lid Tuck clinic, became certified in LASIK, and performed countless other procedures.  She worked in hospitals all over the Norfolk/Virginia Beach area including the VA hospital in Hampton and the Navy hospital in Portsmouth.  Dr. Crandall also did mission work in India, where she learned SICS (small incision cataract surgery), a procedure not commonly performed in the US, but offered a better way to extract large, dense cataracts.

Dr. Crandall knew she needed a plan on what to do when she’s done (remember she’s been a planner since she was 15).  Having received the rural clinic training from Mercer, she decided that she wasn’t quite fit to be and Employee and wanted to have her own environment where she can ensure patients are receiving the best care possible from the friendliest people.  Dr. Crandall and her husband Justin began the business planning and started cold calling hospitals in area’s that seemed like they needed an Ophthalmologist.  One of those hospitals was Wayne Memorial Hospital in Jesup, GA and the rest were history.

Crandall Eye opened in August of 2012 and soon word spread of Dr. Crandall’s great personality and extremely friendly staff.  Since then she’s grown her practice to over 5,000 patients and performed thousands of procedures in her office and at Wayne Memorial Hospital.  Thank you for trusting us with your eyes and we’ll be sure to work hard to make your experience as pleasant as possible!


Owner @ Crandall Eye Physicians and Surgeons
Ophthalmology Residency @ Eastern Virginia Medical School Norfolk, VA
Trasitional Resident @ University of Tennessee Knoxville, TN
Mercer University School of Medicine @ Macon, GA & Savannah, GA
Undergraduate - Emory University @ Atlanta, GA


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